A Creative Work Space That Is Truly Unique!


The Calluci Event House offers you a one-of-a-kind space for gatherings large and small. From public to private meetings and gatherings, the workshop space is truly unique.

Located in the heart of Louisville’s historic neighborhood crescent hill, The Calluci Event House is a blank slate offering your meeting group endless possibilities!



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Your Pop Up Retail Space

Located in the heart of Louisville’s historic neighborhood of Crescent Hill, The Calluci Event House is a blank slate offering your retail space endless possibilities!

A pop-up retail space is a venue that is temporary: the space could be a sample sale one day and host a private cocktail party the next evening. The trend involves "popping up" one day, then disappearing anywhere from one day to several weeks later. These shops, while small and temporary, are used by companies to build interest in their product or service, and seed their product with cultural influences. Pop-up retail allows a company to create a unique environment that engages their customers and generates a feeling of relevance and interactivity. They are often used by marketers for seasonal items such as Halloween costumes and decorations or Christmas gifts.

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Catering at it's Finest!

For the past 18 years it has been my pleasure to offer full-service catering to the Louisville community. From “dawn” to desserts, we provide both private and corporate catering. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, cocktails, dinner, desserts, events, and weddings – the possibilities at Divinity are endless. We provide exceptional cuisine and impeccable service to everything from informal gatherings to formal affairs. Learn more about the entire Divinity family below.

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F.A.T. Friday, It's All Frankfort Ave.

Explore the Clifton, Crescent Hill and Butchertown neighborhoods by way of a trolley ride! The FAT Friday Trolley Hop was launched in 2004 and has become a signature event on Frankfort Avenue. Held year-round on the final Friday of every month from 6:00pm-10:30pm. music and entertainment, complimentary refreshments and special sales on trolley hop nights.

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